Welcome to the official Garden Enterprise documentation site 👋

Here you'll find (hopefully) everything you need to know on how to install and run Garden Enterprise.

This documentation is for holders of a Garden Enterprise License that are preparing to install Garden Enterprise or are already using it—and of course anyone that just wants learn more about it.

If you're looking for the documentation for Garden Core, the open source companion to Garden Enterprise, you'll find them here.

About Garden Enterprise

Garden Enterprise is a persistent service that runs on Kubernetes in your own infrastructure. It holds information about all deployed Garden environments, services, tests and more. It can connect to your VCS provider and run workflows based on configured triggers (e.g. on pull requests opening/closing) and/or collect information from Garden workflows run in CI pipelines, as well as from ad-hoc Garden runs by developers or operators.

Garden Enterprise is deployed to its own cluster, and can be shared across multiple projects and interact with multiple development clusters. It is packaged and distributed with Replicated, which makes for a simple installation and update process.

In the following pages you'll find information on all the requirements for installing Garden Enterprise, a step-by-step installation guide, and specific set up guides depending on our use case.